Lupus in fabula

The point of origin of this performance is the choreographer and dance artist Pina Bausch. In the period from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, her shows brought into question the conventional borders between dance, drama, and opera. The Rite of Spring (1975), Komm, tanz mit mir (1977), Bluebeard (1977), Café Müller (1978), Arias (1979), Carnations (1982) and Palermo, Palermo (1989) forever changed the map of artistic expression. Pina Bausch introduced us to the world of a specific bestiary, bloodthirsty and merciless, where victims pleaded for mercy long after their “last cigarette” was put out.

The forest of Pine Bausch is magical and creepy.

We are familiar with her, although we never saw any of her performances here in Croatia.

We know what she’s thinking about when she hits the wall (the older she gests, the more fierce her struggle with the wall is).

Just as we know the delight evoked by tearing down a huge, five-ton wall in her performance Palermo, Palermo.

We understand why, in Pina Bausch’s performances, crocodiles lie right next to performers, why there are stuffed deer, great river horses, whales, and polar bears.


Pina Bausch is not an author who offers Directions and Answers. She had no intention of telling us a “story”, let alone a biography with an offensively chronological beginning and end. In her performances, fragments did not have to make a “logical” whole.

The truth is illogical.

But it is also, in a sense, magical.

Like fangs of a kindred human animal at our throat.

Who is, then, your Wolf?

Does he wear silver gloves or claws?

Would you, perhaps, like to meet him tonight?

Be our guest. The forest is open.

Nataša Govedić

Pokreni video

authors: Silvia Marchig, Darko Japelj, Nataša Govedić
performers: Silvia Marchig i Darko Japelj

format: Dyptich (opera and performance in the same evening)
subgenre: Managing the regime of performative tensions

inspiration for the project: Pina Bausch (1940. — 2009.)

tekxt: Darko JapeljSilvia Marchig, Nataša Govedić

dramaturgy: Nataša Govedić
music selection: Nenad Hrgetić
light design: Bojan Gagić
costumes: Oliver Jularić

photography: Dejan Štifanić, Pascal Vanneau 

site: Zagreb, Pariz, pozornica/šuma, WuppertalRijeka, Stuttgart

booklet text: Nataša Govedić

co-production: Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples

duration: 120 minuta

premiere: 13. 01. 2012., Zagrebački plesni centar