Performance mode: Sostenuto

1. Andante passionato
2. Intermezzo diabolico
3. Allegro con brio a piacere
4. Aria

Built out of pauses/poses which at moments stop the choreographical and temporal continuum, the performance Il bastone del diavolo in one of its layers is rhythmically and dramaturgically defined by establishing tableux-vivants (live images), whose function is mirrored in the materialization of the body as a surface for projection/a screen of different identificational and narrative procedures: from the work of the proleteriat, the androgynus Ziggy or a lover’s discourse to fallen shipyards and postcolonial, gender variations of subjectivity. By making the pose a ‘pregnant moment’, which emphasizes the act of transformation of body into image, Silvia and Mila explicitly thematize the dynamics of the converegence between visual and performative arts, testifying to the fact of the intermediality of contemporary choreography, its dialogue with other artistic disciplines, discourses and genres. 

Since the music score is defined by the revolutionary singer-songwriter Giovanna Daffini, the Peruvian musician Yma Sumac and the post-punk band Fugazi, by interpolating poses they affirm different temporal modalities (the time of the performers and the time of the songs), whose collision prevents the music from being illustrated by movement and makes possible the situation in which an image (frozen body in a pause) is possible to be treated as an instance of mediation between sound, narration and movement, as the element which postpones/makes impossible their synchronization.

Andrej Mirčev

Pokreni video

concept and performance: Mila Čuljak and Silvia Marchig

dramaturgy: Nataša Govedić and Andrej Mirčev

music: Giovanna Daffini, Yma Sumac, Fugazi

video: Andrej Mirčev

costumes: Oliver Jularić

light: Saša Fistrić

sound and pause: Adam Semijalac

photography: Jasenko Rasol


text translation: Lidija Zoldoš

co-production: Cultural center Travno in cooperation with Prostor +

duration: 50 minutes

premiere: 19. 10. 2012., Cultural center Travno