Glacier came into existence out of a need to exist in a community, in a shared space-time, and is manifested in the medium of Movement-Sound. By inviting the audience to participate, this work establishes a community between those who watch and those who perform.  Much like a host inviting to a feast or a journey to faraway places of perception, building pathways to the most magical of all time-spaces: the material here and now. One in which we are flesh and blood. Skin and bone. Fragile and soft. Strong.

The body moves and sounds itself intuitively, impressed by its interiority and the movement of other bodies, the space in which it exists and the space of imagination through which it plunges. By doing so we affirm the theatre as a space in which the shared space between spectator and performer is materialized, authentic and emotional.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.

— Arthur C. Clarke
Pokreni video

coreography and performance: pavleheidlerSonja Pregrad, Silvia Marchig, Ana Horvat

light design: Saša Fistrić

outside eye: Ivana Slunjski

executive producer:  Nina Križan

co-production: Zagrebačko kazalište mladih

duration: 90 min.

premiere: 16. 09. 2015, Zagrebačko kazalište mladih

In 2016 UPUH  – Croatian dance artist association – awarded pavleheidler, Ana Horvat, Silvia Marchig and Sonja Pregrad collectively for best performance in Glacier.

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