G L A C I E R extended is the continuation of work on a complex performative eco-system started in 2014 which operates with the media of dance, music and performance in a shared space-time, calling  the medium in which it manifests itself New performative medium – the Five-sound medium. By stripping down the medium of performance and stepping away from the choreographic desire to esthetically organize movement and compose sound, the movement and sound become the materialized extension of the senses, stemming from the body’s need to respond to the fact that we exist in this world, recognizing movement and sound that are there before we become aware of them.

G L A C I E R extended is at the same time a durational performance and an image you can dive into any moment 

you find yourself in front of it, a time experiment in which we treat the work as a continuum of seven days, with performances lasting four hours each,during which we open the doors to all those who are ready to immerse themselves in the deep time of Glacier.

Pokreni video

coreography and performance: pavleheidlerSonja Pregrad, Silvia Marchig, Ana Horvat

part of Improspekcije 2017.
collaboration:  Plesni odsjek Akademije dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb, Pogon Jedinstvo, G-MK

photo and video documentation: Marko Gutić Mižimakov

performances : Mala dvorana Pogona Jedinstvo, 27. 10. 2017.,  ADU Zagreb, 28. i 29. 10. 2017. G-MK  30. i 31. 10. 2017.