Kik Melone celebrates 10 years on the Croatian and international contemporary performing arts scene with its multimedia performance The Saddest Piece. Ever.
The choice of such a radically intimate emotion as sadness offers the authors and audience a possibility to explore various strategies of performing, collaboration and communion, as well as the omnipresent feeling of tragedy in our contemporary everyday and the disintegration of the world as we know it. Proclaiming itself the saddest ever, the performance opens up space for us to search for heightened intensities in performative moments. In the abyss of endless potentialities we recognize the present state of affairs.

In the once impressive and now sad legacy of better times, when the arts were supposedly valued by other than market logic, the Kino SC welcomes the performers of The Saddest Piece. Ever. Their bodies immersed in the deteriorated space await your bodies to join them in their quest. Under the bright lights of the theater, their teeth shine as they laugh in the face of all our destinies.

Pokreni video

authors and performers: Silvia Marchig, Iva Nerina Sibila, Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Umberto Lancia, Jasen Vodenica

sound and music: Josip Maršić
photography and design: Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Jasen Vodenica

excerpts of texts by: CAConrad, Monique Wittig, Anne Sexton

Thanks to: Damir Bartol IndošSvetlana Gutić

production: Kik Melone, 2018.
co-production: SC Teatar ITD.

premiere: Kino dvorana SC 24.10.2018.