Kik Melone is a project founded by the dance artist Silvia Marchig and the visual artist, illustrator and comic book author Igor Hofbauer in 2008.

It functions as a collaborative performative group that works on the intersection of dance, theater, performance, film and experimental music. Since its foundation the group has created and produced eleven performative projects through collaborative processes. These works have been performed at numerous festivals in Croatia and abroad including France, Germany and Italy. Kik Melone primarily focuses on performances and performative experiments, but they broaden their field of interest by foraying into other media like film and text.

Kik Melone base their practice on experimentation, often playing with genre elements so as to question various aspects of performativity and theatricality. The starting point of all their work is physical performance open to the influences of real time it occurs in and sharing authorship and performing are the cornerstones of their artistic vision.