To be the Sun Stoker means to have the need for action that is seemingly futile yet is attractive and dazzling.

The Sun Stoker always chooses the option that wastes him and exhausts him, an option he gives his all to only to receive nothing in return. He pours all his effort into the Sun.

The performance Sun Stoker deals with the fascination with the giving, spending and wasting of energy and the need for consolation and giving meaning to life.

By filling the emptiness of space and time with images of the body, a light installation and piano music and their interrelations, we are in search of theater magic that invites the viewer into a resonance with the performers.

The performance was inspired by and is dedicated to all Sun Stokers.

concept: Silvia Marchig

music: Monika Gajić

co-creation, co-direction and dramaturgical assistance: Marina Petković Liker

light installation: Antun Božićević

performers: Silvia Marchig, Monika Gajić

booklet/comic book: Igor Hofbauer

co-production: Culture of change, Student center Zagreb, &td Theater

duration: 45 minutes

premiere: 17.06.2009,  &td Theater