The driving force of the performance and the work on the performance Carousel, is a constant need for transformation, an attempt at escaping one’s own identity and self-referentiality. By exposing our need for performance as a place of taking on other identities, we expose a fragile part of ourselves.

Is it possible to speak of one own’s performative authenticity by adopting performative ‘forgeries’ like dance, film and theater quotes or different dance forms like social dances, e.g. flamenco and jazz dance?

We started the work inspired by theater as a place of illusion, a medium which functions through codes and conventions, seeking a common, universal language for a performance which is not a banal division of dramatic and dancing parts.

We took quotes and motives from pop culture, country music, Pedro Almodovar and Federico Fellini films, Jean Paul Sartre’s novel Nausea, as well as an anonymous illustrated magazine from 1930s Berlin. Seemingly varied sources follow the logic of a game of performative identities in search of authenticity.

Pokreni video

choreography and performance: Darko Japelj i Silvia Marchig

costume design: Oliver Jularić
light design: Miljenko Bengez
graphic design and illustration: Igor Hofbauer

co-production: Kultura promjene Studentskog centra u Zagrebu / Teatar &td

duration: 40 minuta

premiere: 07. 01. 2009., Polukružna dvorana Teatra &td